Monday, May 3, 2010

Gardening and Backbone!


This is what one must have if you are to do much in the way of gardening! I know this is true and especially wish for a strong one when I make a tour of the yard and see this...


We have been fighting them for 19 years, ever since we moved to this house. It is better, but we still have them. It doesn't help that some neighbors let them grow eight feet tall and don't ever hoe them down or pull them out! :(


This needs to be thinned in order to bloom nicely. Must dig it up and separate the rizomes and replant.


These are still not doing as well as hoped. Not enough light seems to be the problem. I have put them in a southeasterly facing window this morning. We'll see. The new lights that I added the aforementioned greenhouse did not do well. I need a greenhouse or a cold frame.

Gardening is such a great joy and such hard work. I love it and I hate it. We have been commanded to have a garden, I love when I see it prosper, and I especially love to eat the good stuff out of it. Canning always makes me feel good when I see all those jars lined up on the table and know that we will have some good stuff in the winter.
I am grateful for a strong backbone that can do all those things!

BYU Graduation 2010

Graduation April 2010 BYU! Krysten graduated with a degree in Marriage, Family and Human Developement! We are proud of her.

Sean and Krysten after the graduation under the bell tower. The whole family met there. It was crowded with many happy people and their families!