Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aaron in Iraq

Aaron is also in Iraq, he left December 13th about 2 weeks after Owen. He is in Baghdad. This is his 2nd tour in this country. He is a tanker. He misses his beautiful family alot. I can understand why. They are awesome. Please pray for him to be safe too. My sister lives down the street from the Secretary of the Army. When she told him her two nephews had enlisted he told her that anyone who enlists in the time of war is a great patriot. I truly believe this. Owen and Aaron had great examples to follow. Jan was in the army, Grandad Leo was in the army in WWII, Grandaddy Homer was in the army during the Korean crisis. Their uncle Steve is a pilot in the US Airforce, ret. and their Great Grandfather Frank was in the National Guard during WWI. A great legacy to follow.

Owen in Iraq

Owen is in Mozul, Iraq. He is a linguist. He cannot tell me what he does, only that it is interesting. Please pray for him to be safe. He is a hero!

November 2009

In November we had a group here for Thanksgiving. Aaron and Susanna came out with the babies and my parents came also. Sean and Krysten were here and Vaavia and Brian came with Bryson and Beau. I had a little surgery the day before Thanksgiving and so the extra cooking help was really great. The boys wanted to try their hand at frying a turkey. We burned it instead, luckily we had an extra turkey that we cooked the old fashioned way, but thanks to all who brought equipment and the bird.

My parents came and we did a 4 generation shot of the family. It was neat because in my hand I held a 4 generation photo of my dad as the baby so we kind of had a 7 generation shot. It was so special to have my parents here and my grandchildren here. The hearts of the children really do turn to their fathers. I love my family.

October 2009 Owen came home

Stuart got his mission call to the Switzerland Zurich mission. He was suprised and happy! He already has studied a little German and loves the language. We had a group here and had many more family members on multiple cell phones. Facebook was active that night for our family too.

Owen came home in October and prepared a middle eastern feast for us and some other friends. He is an excellent cook and loves the culture. Another good excuse to eat! Sean and Krysten came home to see him and my mom did too. We had a houseful.

Stuart finally got his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was done while as many were home for it as possible. Owen and Sean got to participate in the ceremony and I think that helped Stuart feel good. He really thinks of his older brothers as heroes! Jan read him the Eagle Scout pledge.
It was a real family event. Many friends came too.