Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nolan (Stump) Turns Ten!

This is Nolan on the day he was blessed. Jan blessed him and we were so happy that day. This entry will be about Nolan. He turns 10 on April 5th. He was born to us late in life and ten years after his next oldest brother Stuart. All of us were surpised but today we wonder what we would do without him. Sometimes I feel a little bit sad that he has no brothers around on a daily basis, he gets lonely. But they would say that he makes out like a bandit and is treated as an only child. He gave himself a nick-name of Stump. No one seems to know why. His brothers all vary that and he can tell who is calling him by the varation. Aaron says Rump, Owen says Lump, Sean says Gump, and Stuart says Bump! Nolan was a cute baby! Nolan's day care provider would alway make a valentine for us with picture of him in it, it looks a little like a mug shot, but we were always happy to receive the cards. She was a great baby sitter.
This is the day that we dropped Stuart off at the MTC for his mission, a little bit after this the smiles were gone and the tears began for Stuart had always been there for Nolan. Nolan cried for several hours after we left. He has been good to write Stuart on his mission and really misses him.
Nolan loves ice cream!
Nolan loves tomatoes!!!
This is the first time I held Nolan, the love just starts pouring out for the new baby when you first take them in your arms, doesn't it?

Nolan loves all things video gamish! This was at the National Western Stock show and it was a pickup that had been outfitted with seat and a gaming console. The line to play was long and many people waited patiently, including Nolan, for a turn. He would have loved to take it home with us. He loves his Wii and too.
Nolan loves his dog, Sissy! We got home yesterday from a four day trip to Grandma's and the first thing he did was take her for walk.
Nolan was Avatar the Last Air Bender on Halloween last year.
Nolan loves his brothers!
Nolan felt the spirit when he first saw this statue. We were at the visitor's center in SLC and when he came up the ramp and saw this, he was floored. He said that it so awesome!
On our trip to Texas, we stoppedin New Mexico at the Capulin National Monument volcano and went down in the bottom of the crater. Afterwards he remarked that it was really cool and he said "Mom do you remember when we saw that big statue of Christ in SLC? Well I felt the spirit there and when we saw the crater here today I felt the spirit again". If only we could manufacture opportunities for our children to feel the spirit like that everyday!
Nolan is a Bear Scout and loves Scouting. He will start Webelos next week.

Nolan loves his niece and nephew, Milly and Levi. He plays well with them and is a good uncle.
What would the world be like without Nolan, we certainly don't ever want to find out!

Happy Birthday Nolan! We Love You!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catching Up!

In December Aaron came home for the last time from Iraq. He is out of the army now and they are looking for a house to buy.

At Christmas my sister, Vaavia and her family came up and visited. Nolan went boarding with his cousin Bryson. It was his first time and he loved it.

Owen was home for Christmas too and he went boarding also. He loved it too. It was not his first time. We were blessed to have him at home at Thanksgiving with his friend Raines, and then again at Christmas. He came home from Iraq in October safe and sound! We are very grateful.

While Aaron was home, he and Susanna took Levi for his first haircut, isn't he handsome?

Stuart in Switzerland has been busy teaching, baptizing, and learning German-doing what he was sent there to do. He is now serving as a District Leader in another city, that I cannot remember the name of now.

Cool Fishy Fountain!

Hopefully Switzerland is ready for our boy!

Hmmmmm? What have we been doing since the last post on our blog? Playing in the sand with Milly and Levi.

Buying a new retirement house in my hometown of Hereford, Tx. It is rented now and hopefully will stay that way until we are ready to move down there and live in it. It is large enough to house the whole family if necessary and we are looking forward to many happy and large group gatherings in the future!

Sean and Krysten moved to Colorado and Sean graduated from his Dentention Deputy training at the top of his class and is now gainfully employed by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Dept. They are living in a nice apartment and making plans for the future. We love having them close by. Sundays are our get together days with them and Aaron and Susanna.

Jan and Sean built me some nice new food storage shelves in the office. They are full of stuff and we won't starve when the wolves are at the door!

We are truly blessed of the Lord and love his part in our lives. Thanks for reading!