Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nolan won 3rd place and Tony (l) won 2nd place in the Ward Pinewood Derby. Nolan opted for the wedge model and his car performed admirably. He was please and so were we. Only 2 more Pinewood Derbies to go and we will be out of the racing business.

The cake showing outdoor life. Nolan wanted to make a cowboy cake for our entrance in the cake decorating contest at the Blue and Gold banquet in February. His cake was named most scenic. It is, don't you think?

Nolan had to go on a neighborhood clean up to pass off his wolf badge. This is the stuff we got just going up and down our main street in the neighborhood. The tongs sure made it a lot easier and gloves were a must. Do you know what people throw out in the street as they drive by?

Nolan loves being a Cub Scout. This shows his den, the wolves, performing a skit for the Blue and Gold Banquet. He loved Scouting. This banquet was in February of 2o10. We were celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting in the U.S.A.

This is Nolan helping with a flag ceremony in May 2009. His den leader is Brother Hampton. He loves Brother Hampton. Brother Hampton always has bubble gum at the end of the den meeting.

Nolan receiving his Bobcat badge from Brother Hampton

A get together in the park for lunch on the first day all the kids were out for school for the summer. Nolan and Kimball playing on the swings.

Jeannie Easton tending to Porter under a tree.
She is Kimball, Alex and Martin's mom too.

Colleen holding Ezra Johnson. His mom is Cameo and Cora is his sister. Cora is the girl all the guys like 'cause she is so much fun to play with. She is not afraid to get in there and play just like the guys!

Rikki Johnson holding her new son, Levi and Cameo Johnson holding her son Ezra.
It has been a great blessing to have young friends who are Nolan's friends' parents age and other friends that are my other kids parent's ages and more my age. I have enjoyed being able to ride both sides of the age fence.

This picnic was alot of fun, we don't get enough of this and school is already starting again next week on August 5, 2009.

Stuart graduated from Rangeview High School in May 2009. We were so pleased and proud of him. He worked hard and long and thought for a while it wouldn't happen but at the last minute it came through. Thanks to Mrs. Lee, the counselor at school and the prayers of his grandparents and the encouragement of his brothers and the admonition of his parents it happened.

The proud and happy Mom and Dad!!!

After the ceremony we posed for some photos. Colleen, Stuart and Jan.

Grandma June and Grandaddy Homer Rudd made the trip up from Hereford, Texas to see Stuart graduate. They had offered alot of encouragement and support to Stuart and also were happy and pleased!

Sam Mugleston, Tim Congleton, Mitchell Marshall and Stuart Robison at the graduation party at church after the ceremony. These guys are his "homies".

The ceremony was held at the Richie Center on the University of Denver campus. It was nice to not have to worry about rain and being too hot.

May 2009

Sean and Krysten came out to Colorado for Nolan's baptism and my birthday which coincidentally came on the same day. It was a nice gift to be able to watch my last baby get baptized. Jan performed the ordinance and then Jan and Sean were able to confirm him on Sunday. This helicopter is the birthday gift that Sean and Krysten brought for Nolan.

My gift if the camera that took the photos. It was from all the boys and has enabled me to be a better blogger and keep better family records. At least that is how I delude myself.

This is the whole family that was able to come, Stuart, Jan, Colleen, Nolan, Sean and Krysten Robison.

Jan performing the ordinance of baptism. Such happy times.

Nolan had his birthday in April, on the 5th. He wanted a birthday party that all his cousins could come to, so we packed everything up and went to Texas for the party. We apparently did not take any photos, but Aunt Janna hosted the party at her house and the kids got enough playing in to last a month. He was so excited to turn 8, so he could be baptized. But mostly I think he wanted to be able to have sleepovers.

March 2009 Monterey, California Defense Language Institute

Owen graduated from the DLI in March, we were able to fly out there and spend several days with him before he was posted to Goodfellow AFB, in San Angelo, TX. We had a good time and met many of his friends. We also had good reports from his teachers and leaders who said he worked hard and was a good student. We were very pleased with his progress.

I was blessed to be able to fly out to Ft. Stewart soon after the birth of our first grandchildren to help Susanna and Aaron. Milly was home in 4 days from the NICU and Levi had to stay for 10 days. They were unable to bring her to the hospital for the visits and I was able to stay home with her while they went to see him. Soon he was home and doing well. This helped get them off to a good start. It was a great priviledge to be able to do this.
Amelia June Robison and Levi Hathaway Robison were born on January 16, 2009.
We are so proud to have them in our family. They are happy babies and have parents who love them and are already teaching them the gospel and about who they are.
What more could I and Jan as parents want for our son and his wife and children.

Trip to Georgia
Well, I will try to catch up, Krysten and Sean have shamed me into doing it by starting their blog. We just came back from a 2 week trek to Georgia to see Aaron, Susanna, Milly and Levi. We pulled my brother's travel trailer. Had a few problems but all in all had a great time. We have decided we like having our own bed every night. We drove out in 3 days and back in 6 days, spending time in Dallas with Jan's family and 1 day in Hereford with my family. All of my sisters were there and my brother too, Jan's cousing hosted us a night and a couple meals, some fireworks and visits with Cheryl, his sister and Cort and Lola Dixon, his aunt and uncle.

This is smiling Milly, having a taste of a new food. She is always happy!

This is Jan and Levi having a "toes up". They are really good at that.