Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer 2011

Nolan has a new room decor, we bought a full size bed, painted it ( it was an antique iron bed, that had been painted gold) and moved the bunk beds out. Have you ever made up a bunk bed? It is a two man job and you must move the bed out, remove the mattress, put it back and then they just mess it up again. So this one will grow with him and be easier to make. He loves it.

Here I am out painting it in the backyard. I told Jan the the best thing for him about the new room was that he didn't have to paint anything. He agreed. I sewed new curtains also and repainted the toy box.

Independence Day weekend we went to Texas. Owen came with his friend Adam Raines, Sean and Krysten came and Jan was able to make it also. It was a good visit with the relatives. The drought is so terrible there now and so there were no fireworks. We enjoyed the ones on TV and didn't burn anything up. I love my Mom and Dad. Nolan loves them too as you can see in this photo.

Nolan, Aaron, Milly, Sean and Levi up a tree. They are still as crazy as ever. We are enjoying our summer. This was the day they took all the furniture that I had been storing in our garage to Aaron's new house. You can almost see the floor in the garage and I am having glimmers of hope that I might have my car in there for the winter.

Milly and Levi have caught the gun bug too, and love the water guns. Milly be careful or you'll put your eye out. We hope you all are having a beautiful summer too!