Friday, October 28, 2011

Snowy Weather

My Colorado friends are surprised whenever I tell them it snows in Texas, so I thought I would share some photos of my trip down there this past week. I went to do some cleaning on our Texas house. We had nice, but windy weather the first few days, then the storm came in. We were watching the news on Wednesday night and the weather man said it would begin raining and then change over to snow in the night. I told Dad I would go and do an old fashioned weather check, so I went to the door and looked out and sure enough, it was raining. I was so nice to go to bed that night and listen to the rain. When I woke in the night it had become quiet so I looked out and there was just beginning to be a light frost of snow on the ground.
This is the road to Mother and Daddy's house.

I had to meet the plumber in town at 8:00 a.m. and this is what it looked like at 9:30 on my way back to the farm. A snowy wonderland and still snowing. It was going sideways.

This is our house in town and what it looked like when I was leaving. So yes it does snow in Texas!

Sergeant Robison

Owen has made Sergeant! We are so pleased for him! Way to go Owen!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Looking back!

This weekend our church had it's twice a year General Conference. One of the speakers talked of climbing a mountain in Oregon with his children, that climb turned out to be very challenging. As a way of not getting discouraged they made a plan that every time they stopped to rest, they wouldn't look up to see how far they had yet to go, but to look back at how far they had come. This blog and especially this post is a look back over the last few weeks to see how far we have come, and not how far we have to go. I sometimes get discouraged when I think of all the things I would like to get done. But then I look back at what I have been doing and feel a little better about it all. Here is what has been going on. We went down to Texas over Labor Day. This is Levi riding with Reagan on a horse. Aunt Janna is leading. Levi loved riding, Milly was having none of that.

End of July we also went down to Texas for my Aunt's 80th birthday party. Coincidentally it was Jan's 40th high school reunion from Borger High School. See if there is anyone that you know in this photo. While we were there, we drove around town and also visited the cemetery where his parents are buried. It was good to revisit the old home.

Every Wednesday this semester, I am babysitting Levi and Milly. They are a fun handful and are potty training right now. Got to plan ahead and mark out all the bathrooms and have plenty of extra clothes in the diaper bag.

For Susanna's birthday I made (with Aaron's help) a padded headboard for their bedroom. It looks nice and was pretty easy. The kids helped and were so proud for Mommy to have a new bed.

I refinished this TV cabinet. It was a 10.00 thrift store purchase and was a light blonde color. I painted it red, then glazed it with black glaze. I added new feet and sprayed the silver doors and hardware with bronze spray paint. Now we have a nice TV cabinet for the old TV. Hope to have a new flat screen one of these days.

I bought this little rocker for the new baby and refinished it for her. I was fun, I took it apart and reglued it as it was a little wobbly. Then a coat of primer and turquoise paint and drew the daisies with the help of good old carbon paper and painted them, distresses and added a coat of stain that was quicly wiped off. After all that sprayed it with a coat of poly. Now Abigail has her own rocker. This is in addition to the scout meetings, homework, laundry, geneology, bill paying, working, cooking, sleeping, weeding, watering, gardening, car pooling, husband loving, children loving that I ordinarily do.

But the highlight of the last week and total focus of the week has been little Abigail Jo. She is off of the bililights, and has her IV out now. They have increased her feedings and she is gaining weight. She is up to 3 lbs 12 oz. She has no oxygen requirement. This weekend her other Grandma Pam came to visit and so did her Aunt Sarah. They also helped Sean and Krysten move to a new apartment. My muscles are screaming. Today we got to rest and watch General Conference, (hence the reflection on looking back) and enjoy some pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and French bread pizza for supper. Tomorrow back to work, but I get to take my lunch hour with Abigail.

Not such a back last few weeks huh?