Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August 2010-All That and More

I am making salsa today. We recently built shelves in our office to put our food storage on. In the past the boxes were stacked on top of each other, making the use of the said food storage virtually impossible, especially to rotate it properly. You'll see the shelves in a minute.

This month has been very busy! I keep saying that but it is always true. We helped Sean (above) and Krysten move to Colorado. Sean has a new job with the Arapahoe County Sherriff's office. (reason for moving here). They will be staying with us for a while until they start getting regular paychecks, and a place to live.

Krysten, she came with Sean, sometimes we like her better, especially when Sean burps or stuff like that.

A big banana squash we grew in the garden. We love this dark orange, meaty squash, probably will stuff one for supper tonight.

The previously mentioned shelves with an assistant builder posing in front of them. We found out we had more tomatoes than we thought so I am not canning any more tomatoes this year. All tomato production will go to salsa, ketchup, sauce, etc. Jan and Sean did a great job on them, don't you think?

Apricots canned (I think in July) to add to the food storage. We are supposed to have a years supply! Other things canned this year have been jam, green beans, chard, (these were frozen) tomatoes, and lots of corn, courtesy of the church welfare farm corn field.

These are the tomatoes and peppers I picked this morning to make the salsa. It is hot and delicious. I do not like sweet salsas, so no sugar!

The biggest Brandywine tomato we have picked so far. Isn't it pretty?

Nolan cannot wait to pick pumpkins, I think I might let him pick one today.

The sunflower are just for fun, I planted them a little too close together. The birds will like them, but I am hoping to roast some for the baseball fans to enjoy at our house.

The biggest event of the month is that we bought a house in Hereford. Hereford is my hometown, and I still have lots of family close by. While we were there in June, Owen went with Jan and I to see this house and I asked him if he would come see us in Hereford? He said yes, he would be sad if we still didn't have tie to Hereford anymore. We have been looking at properties all over for several years in preparation for our retirement. We have looked at farms in Missouri, land in rural Colorado, places halfway between Hereford and Ft. Worth (Jan's sister lives in Ft. Worth) and never have found anything that really gave us peace when we contemplated it. This house had been on the market for 2 years, has 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom, and 4200 sq. ft. of living space. We wanted a place that all of our kids and their families could come home and visit at the same time and not feel like they were not welcome. This really will fit the bill, and it is close to my folks so I can get my farming bug taken care of too. Mom already said I could help here with her garden. We are not ready to move just yet, the house has been rented, but we are looking forward to many large family events in the future. Enjoy the pictures.

This is the main hallway, lots of built in storage!
Large family kitchen!

This is the realtor's photo of the house. Y'all come see us ok!