Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catching Up!

In December Aaron came home for the last time from Iraq. He is out of the army now and they are looking for a house to buy.

At Christmas my sister, Vaavia and her family came up and visited. Nolan went boarding with his cousin Bryson. It was his first time and he loved it.

Owen was home for Christmas too and he went boarding also. He loved it too. It was not his first time. We were blessed to have him at home at Thanksgiving with his friend Raines, and then again at Christmas. He came home from Iraq in October safe and sound! We are very grateful.

While Aaron was home, he and Susanna took Levi for his first haircut, isn't he handsome?

Stuart in Switzerland has been busy teaching, baptizing, and learning German-doing what he was sent there to do. He is now serving as a District Leader in another city, that I cannot remember the name of now.

Cool Fishy Fountain!

Hopefully Switzerland is ready for our boy!

Hmmmmm? What have we been doing since the last post on our blog? Playing in the sand with Milly and Levi.

Buying a new retirement house in my hometown of Hereford, Tx. It is rented now and hopefully will stay that way until we are ready to move down there and live in it. It is large enough to house the whole family if necessary and we are looking forward to many happy and large group gatherings in the future!

Sean and Krysten moved to Colorado and Sean graduated from his Dentention Deputy training at the top of his class and is now gainfully employed by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Dept. They are living in a nice apartment and making plans for the future. We love having them close by. Sundays are our get together days with them and Aaron and Susanna.

Jan and Sean built me some nice new food storage shelves in the office. They are full of stuff and we won't starve when the wolves are at the door!

We are truly blessed of the Lord and love his part in our lives. Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like things are going well for you. Love the update! Tony misses Nolan. Hopefully everything is going well for him.

  2. Nice blog, Collen. I kind of teared up when I saw the first picture (of Aaron) and then the music started. Nice pictures :)