Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nolan's Birthday Party and Bowling

We offered Nolan two options for the activity for his birthday party. 1. Go to see the movie "Hop" or 2. Go bowling. Needless to say he chose bowling. They bowled two games and Nolan won the first one and Daniel Gomez won the second one. He had never bowled before and he bowled 115 on his second game. We played outside for a little while with the party favors and the new toys. Levi loves baseball, every ball is a baseball and he loves to throw.
We had bubbles for the little kids. Milly loves her bubbles.
Where did the theme for the party come from? Who knows, but Nolan wanted his cake to say Flogging Molly, so that is what it said. Go figure! Anyway, we had a good time, ate lots of cake, bowled and had fun and that's what birthday parties are for!

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