Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big Dining Table

 Well here is the big oak dining table that we were so blessed to receive from my Dad's cousin's estate.  It was his mother's table, my Great Aunt Margaret.  I remember eating at this table when we visited them in Gunnison back in the '70's.  Dad says he remembers 17 people sitting around for breakfast.
 The table is 45 inches square without it's leaves and it has eight 10 inch leaves, making it 125 inches when all the leaves are in it.  We found the table in the shed, with no door, left open to the elements.  No telling how long it had been there but the table itself seemed in pretty good shape but the leaves had seen better days.  Several of them were split and dried out.  Well we put the leaves in (thankfully the mechanism for the table still worked perfectly) and then went to sanding.  I wanted it to still have some warts and blemishes.  Jan wanted it to look brand new, but I assured him it needed to look old and loved. 
Then when it was smooth I used some wood filler on a couple of places and the split leaves and gave it a nice coat of oak colored stain/polyurethane.  It is a Minwax product.  The dry leaves really soaked up the polyurethane and it needs a couple more coats.  I think it is going to look really good. The base doesn't need more than a good scrubbing and some lemon oil.  It should look really nice and come in handy for the family reunion this summer. 

I also have some plans for the old buffet in the old house, a chair that needs reupholstering, and we are working on the chest of drawers that we got in Montana also! So much to do. I love it.

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