Saturday, August 1, 2009

A get together in the park for lunch on the first day all the kids were out for school for the summer. Nolan and Kimball playing on the swings.

Jeannie Easton tending to Porter under a tree.
She is Kimball, Alex and Martin's mom too.

Colleen holding Ezra Johnson. His mom is Cameo and Cora is his sister. Cora is the girl all the guys like 'cause she is so much fun to play with. She is not afraid to get in there and play just like the guys!

Rikki Johnson holding her new son, Levi and Cameo Johnson holding her son Ezra.
It has been a great blessing to have young friends who are Nolan's friends' parents age and other friends that are my other kids parent's ages and more my age. I have enjoyed being able to ride both sides of the age fence.

This picnic was alot of fun, we don't get enough of this and school is already starting again next week on August 5, 2009.

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  1. Hey! great to see a new posting on here! That was a great is sad that summer is already almost done.