Wednesday, January 6, 2010

November 2009

In November we had a group here for Thanksgiving. Aaron and Susanna came out with the babies and my parents came also. Sean and Krysten were here and Vaavia and Brian came with Bryson and Beau. I had a little surgery the day before Thanksgiving and so the extra cooking help was really great. The boys wanted to try their hand at frying a turkey. We burned it instead, luckily we had an extra turkey that we cooked the old fashioned way, but thanks to all who brought equipment and the bird.

My parents came and we did a 4 generation shot of the family. It was neat because in my hand I held a 4 generation photo of my dad as the baby so we kind of had a 7 generation shot. It was so special to have my parents here and my grandchildren here. The hearts of the children really do turn to their fathers. I love my family.

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