Wednesday, January 6, 2010

October 2009 Owen came home

Stuart got his mission call to the Switzerland Zurich mission. He was suprised and happy! He already has studied a little German and loves the language. We had a group here and had many more family members on multiple cell phones. Facebook was active that night for our family too.

Owen came home in October and prepared a middle eastern feast for us and some other friends. He is an excellent cook and loves the culture. Another good excuse to eat! Sean and Krysten came home to see him and my mom did too. We had a houseful.

Stuart finally got his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was done while as many were home for it as possible. Owen and Sean got to participate in the ceremony and I think that helped Stuart feel good. He really thinks of his older brothers as heroes! Jan read him the Eagle Scout pledge.
It was a real family event. Many friends came too.

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