Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring 2010 Hope and Promise

Spring is all about hope and promise. We have Easter with the story of the suffering of our Savior and His resurrection. We have new life coming forth in the animal kingdom and also the plant world. Our garden was tilled this month by Sean and Krysten as they came out for the weekend to look for housing and work opportunities for when Krysten graduates. They hope for a job and feel the promise of opportunities as they graduate and start new life. This is our greenhouse that we built a few years ago. It is small and portable and so far has not been a rip roaring success. Our friend John Hadfield gave us the idea for it several years ago. This year I am going to try again to start my own tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. I am raising the little plants up closer to the light. I saw a photo on the net showing them really close to the light and so will try it this way. It is all about hope and promise. We went all over town looking for Early Girl tomato seed. Finally found them at Nick's Garden Center. They have everything. Nolan was glad I bought balloon tomato seeds (yellow pear) and cherry tomatoes.

These barrells were bought last year and cut in half to plant more stuff in. I got the idea from a gardening blog about English allotement gardening where they grow carrots, and parsnips in whole and half barrels. Our soil here is so clayish and hard that carrots don't generally do well. This is to try and beat that soil. I am also going to put vining stuff like cucumbers, and watermelons in them. Next week we will get the soil and fill them up. Hope and promise again.

Levi in Grandma's back yard. He quickly spied the football and the bouncy ball. You can never have too many balls.

Milly likes it outside too. We played for a little while outside and then she decided it was time to go in and led the way into the house. We followed.

When Sean and Krysten came out the kids quickly warmed up to them.

Nolan turned 9 years old on the 5th of April. He graduated into the Bear Den in Cub Scouts at the April 6th pack meeting. He had earned his Wolf badge and five arrow points. Good job Nolan!

Nolan on his new roller blades. They were his favorite birthday present and were a gift from Owen. His friend Kimball came over last night and they bladed till dark and then were out again early this morning. Nolan is getting pretty good, and has a big rasberry on his knee to prove it.

We will be going next week to Provo for Krysten's graduation. More hope and promise. The Lord is good!

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