Thursday, July 15, 2010

June 2010

WHEW! June was a busy month. The flowers are going strong, the garden is finally planted and doing well. We had visits from our kids and we went visiting! Here are some shots of what we have been up to in June.

Aaron came home for R and R the first two weeks of June. He enjoyed time with his family and also his parents and brothers. Milly and Levi didn't take any time at all to warm up to him, I had been afraid they would be afraid of him, but the were all happy with him. He and Milly are taking a walk in the park.

Nolan having a little splash time in the backyard, it is summer after all. He was going to 5th block (summer school) the first month and needed some down time.

The garden is looking good! Hopefully it will pay off in produce!

Nolan is learning to cook, he was very proud of his first grilled cheese sandwich. He now has ramen noodles, grilled cheese, mac and cheese and cereal in his repetoir! Good thing cause he is my pickiest eater ever!

Cub Scout Day Camp! He and Kimball had a good time with the marble playing area! We had a good turn out from our ward for day camp this year and everybody had a great time!

Levi and Aaron blowing bubbles!

The day Aaron came home! We went to the airport to meet him and had signs to welcome him home thanks to Susanna! It was a happy reunion!

Nolan is on a baseball team this summer! He loves baseball and is a pretty good pitcher, and he gets to play other positions too! Our coach is his best friends' dad and he does a great job!

Owen came home the last 2 weeks of June, he and Aaron missed each other by one day. :( They were problably in Kuwait at the same time but were unable to find each other in the crowd. Owen quickly got back in the kitchen again and astounded us with his skill. He helped make the Father's Day feast which we enjoyed sharing with Jan on Father's Day!

The last week of the month we went to Texas for a much needed trip to help out on the farm and have my dad's 80th birthday party. We had it two months early because everyone was there and invited many of his cousins. These are the grandkids who were able to make it-Camille, Emily, Reagan, Owen behind Beau who is a blur on Owen's shoulders, front row-Nolan, Brynna, Courtney, Marion, Jessica, Caleb and Sam.

Mom and Dad and the kids and spouses. l-r Dad, Mom, Vaavia, John is behind her, Rebecca, Wesley, Janna, Elizabeth, Steve, Jan is behind Steve and me.

Mom and Dad and us kids,

Vaavia, Rebecca, Dad, Mom, Wesley, Colleen, and Elizabeth.

We were missing David.

As you can see June was a very busy month, full of family and friends! We had Sean out for his job search, got to see many old relatives, missed many relatives, had some good rain, passed around as much loving as we could. Hope you all had the same fun!

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