Friday, July 30, 2010

Our 30th Anniversary

Our engagement photo taken in the summer of 1980. We were pretty young weren't we?

My bridal portrait, we were so poor that this is the only formal photo I have of my wedding dress. My mother made it and she did a fabulous job. It is pretty isn't it? We have the negatives of all the photos but I have never gotten prints of them made.

We were married in the Manti Temple on July 30, 1980.

We had a wedding reception in Hereford at the E.B. Black house a week later on August 9, 1980.

This was in the spring of 1895. We lived in Lubbock then and I was pregnant with Sean.

In the fall of 1985 while we were living in Midland. The Midland years were hard but made us stronger. This was taken on a Sunday after church. Sean is in his blessing outfit.

Here we are in Borger on a trip to visit Jan's parents. It was hard to come up with photos of the two of us together as one of us was usually behind the camera.

I do love that man!

We were married eleven years before we owned our first home. I took this photo after church one Sunday on the way home. We finally had a sold sign in the yard, and we would move in 2 months later!

Jan worked for Texaco the first 10 years or so that we lived in Denver. You can see Stuart asleep on the blanket at a company picnic in the summer of '92. We were certainly alot slimmer then.

Family photo taken in 1992. We were a happy family!

We took a long road trip to Washington D.C. in the summer of 1995 I think this was. Here we are in front of John and Rebecca's house the day we left to go back home.

In August of 2001 we sent our first son, Aaron off on his mission to Brazil. Many family members came to send him off and this was taken before church. I was expecting Nolan in this photo, but didn't know it at the time. It would be a few more months before I finally figured it out.

An informal portrait taken in 2008 or 2009. We put the camera on a tripod and got some fun pics. Owen has the guitar, Stuart in red, me holding Nolan and Jan beside me, Sean is in front of Jan.

Milly and Levi are our first grandchildren. They are so much fun. This was taken on a visit to our house after we took them for a walk in the wagon. They love to ride in the wagon.
We have been married for 30 years and I am grateful for a husband that loves me in spite of all my faults, we have grown older together and had many fun times and many trials. They have only made us stronger. We are grateful for our eternal marriage that promises us togetherness forever if we are faithful.

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  1. wow.... it would have taken me a while to "recognize" you in your wedding photo.... it would have clicked.... the eyes... they give you away!! how we change and yet don't change over the years....