Friday, September 2, 2011

Patio Furniture

A couple years ago I was looking all over Craiglist for the perfect patio furniture. I wanted wrought iron so it wouldn't blow away, and it would last, I wanted heavy because cheap stuff looks cheap. Alas, I couldn't afford anything that I liked. Age old problem. For as long as we have lived in our house there was another house in our neighborhood that had this stuff, thrown out in the backyard, willynilly, upside down and neglected. It had no cushions and looked very unwanted. So one evening on my way home from work I stopped and asked if I could buy it. They said I could just have it. I was ecstatic. I ran home and got the truck and boys to load and had ourselves a sofa, rocker, another chair and a side table. They were painted a very pale green, and I wanted a timeless look so we repainted them in a black. I bought foam on sale at Joann's and then for batting bought some cheap comforters at the thrift store. I bought the canvas on sale from and away we went.
A couple years later (yes I am a big procrastinator) I got these lovelies all done and I am so proud of the way they look. They are comfortable and pretty. You can now take a nap or read a book out on the patio and we have adequate seating for guests. The pillows are made from fabric that I had on hand and tie in to the royal blue cushions on the patio chairs that go with the dining table.

My motto: It never hurts to ask!


  1. Colleen, those look awesome! The cushions look impressively professional!

  2. You are amazing! I told Derrick the other day that I hope that we would be as great as couple as you and Jan are. Your family is one of the big reasons we miss Colorado! Keep up the great work!