Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BIG Funny Whoppers and other stories!

This is Nolan's self-haircut. Now you know that most kids eventually will get around to cutting their own hair, usually at the most inopportune time, like right before a professional photo shoot.

The funny thing about this is the hilarious whopper of a story that he told me and his dad about it. He got out of the shower and came to me with his hair all spiked up and said "Mom, you know this morning when I was laying down? Well I had a string on my shirt that was really annoying and so I got the scissors to cut it off." At this point I thought he was going to tell me he had cut a hole in the shirt. But he continued "and anyway when I went to put the scissors away, I stumbled and accidently cut my hair in the front and in the back." I was laughing at this point so hard because it was so not something that could really happen and he was pleading with me that it was true and I laughed even more, pointing out to him that if he had stumbled with a pair of scissors and cut his hair, he would most likely have cut his neck or poked out his eyes. He insisted that it was true, all the while I am insisting that it was the funniest lie he could have possibly told me, especially as there was a mess of hair on the sink and in the bathroom floor. When I went to bed that night I shared this hilarious story with Jan and he said interesting as Nolan had told him that he had tried to cut a piece in the back and had slipped and accidently cut it in the front. Now I know that I should be concerned about the lies, but given the nature of his pathetic whopper of how it happened all I could do was laugh and tell him he should get a better story if he is going to try to trick his Mom. She has been there and done that with the big brothers and won't believe just any old story!

This is Nolan after the repair. He is a little sunburned from playing in the aforementioned snow all day with his friends, Tony and Turner. They had a good time building a snow fort. It was a blessed "Snow Day".

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  1. Awesome! That is a pretty good story...i wish that when Kimball tried to stretch the truth it were as entertaining! :)