Thursday, March 18, 2010

This post is about our trip to Utah to drop Stuart off at the MTC (missionary training center) for the beginning of his mission. We had a good time and took some extra time for the family. We didn't want to rush, but to just enjoy our last week with Stuart. We went up to Salt Lake to Temple Square. We realized that Nolan had never been there and felt it would be a good experience for the whole family. So Monday we took the day and went up. This is a view of the temple from the North Visitor's Center window. Pretty nice, huh?

While we were there we got to see Camille, my sister's oldest daughter and a student at BYU. We went for ice cream at the Malt Shoppe. They have pretty good stuff there and had fun times as you can see.

As you go into the North Visitor's center, you go up this huge ramp to the second floor, where this statue is displayed. As we climbed the ramp and you could begin to see this display, Nolan said, "WOW", this is pretty awesome, or somesuch words indicating he was very impressed. This photo shows two brothers who love each other very much, standing by their older brother who also loved them so much. Pretty cool!

While we were there we got to have Sunday supper at Sean and Krysten's house. All of the Aurora kids and friends were there and we had a super time visiting with them. They are good kids and I'm glad to be their friend even if I am alot older than they are.

This is Stuart and Nolan getting ready for church in the hotel on Sunday morning. Nolan has a new tie tie and was trying really hard to learn to tie it. He wanted on that was pink, because his brother Stuart has one that is pink and you know that has to be cool.

Here is Stuart at the entrance to the MTC. He was so excited to go and serve and we only cried a little bit as we left. We are happy for him and proud of him to fulfill one of the goals he has had for himself since he was a little boy. God Bless you Stuart!

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