Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This post is about Milly and Levi. They are our grandkids and we are sure glad they are living here in Aurora only 3 minutes from our house. We sure get to see them alot more than when they were in Georgia. This is their one year old picture. Pretty cute huh?

When they come over they love the toys. They dump the whole basket out and find what ever suits their fancy. Levi especially likes things that make noise. Milly like to bring toys to you and for you to show her how they work and then she takes it and does it herself. Levi has been pretty proud of himself lately as he can get into the little rocking chair all by himself. Milly likes to ride her car except only backwards.

This is Milly at her birthday party. We had it a little late so Aaron could watch on his skype computer. We had to strip them after the cake and ice cream. Does she look like she cares?

They love Uncle Stump (Nolan). You should see Milly's face light up when Nolan gets home from school and walks into the house. He is an expert at getting them to laugh.

Opening presents at the 1st birthday party. I think they might be spoiled by all the stuff they have. Susanna says I can't buy them any more toys or her mom's house will bust.

The cake and ice cream. Levi ate all his ice cream at once and then cried when his mouth was full of it because it was so cold. It was funny, but I guess one should not laugh at little kids having a hard time.

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