Thursday, November 17, 2011

Expensive Week!

It has been an expensive week. I can't even add pictures of the dollar signs as I have nothing but my work computer to use for this post.

Saturday night Jan was working on the computer at home and we got the blue screen of death and it sounded as if a C-130 was taking off in our office. Good thing that we have the Blackberry and the work computers. Just can't do any Facebook or fun stuff.

Monday we got home and we had no hot water. I called Applewood plumbing (we had a coupon and had heard good things about them), they came out and dissed my old water heater and said to fix it would be $1100.00 and no warranty, and I should buy their club membership and get their $2200.00 water heater for only $1800.00. Also said I needed a new vent stack and I had a gas leak. Jan felt like we were over a barrell, but I said I am from West Texas and do not like being over a barrell, so I called Coffman plumbing(that we had always used in the past) and they came out and a brand new wh just like the first guys would be installed price of, wait for it.... drum roll please----$895.00. But he felt he could fix it and give it a two year warranty for only $495.00! I liked him better and better the more he talked. He said I had no gas leak and only needed a new vent stack for new construction or a bigger water heater than we already had. He also said that the other guys work on commission, SURPRISE!

Then poor Stuart sent us his weekly email and said that he is running around with a towel around his waist because all his pants are worn out. So Mr Mac is sending us a new suit of clothes for the emperor and also a new pair of shoes! Very reasonable prices and their service is outstanding! I highly recommend them for outfitting missionaries! They are in Utah only.

So I guess that Christmas will come thanks to the 2nd plumber and Mr Mac. We are very grateful for hot water, and will be shopping for a new computer soon!

See you then!

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