Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We had lots of delicious food, and we
lacked for nothing! Aaron and Susanna made the pies and delicious sweet potatoes. Sean and Krysten brought a beautiful green bean casserole. Many hands in the kitchen to help with chores, you'll see more of them in the next few photos.
I will try and list a few of the things we are thankful for in this post. We had a great weekend with family, friends and remember family and friends who are far away from us. Our biggest blessing of the weekend was that Owen got to come home. He had originally thought he was going to be unable to come but got leave at the last minute and totally surprised us on Saturday night, staying until Friday after Thanksgiving. It was a very nice visit with him.We are very grateful that Abigail is home from the hospital and doing well! She is gaining and growing and developing just as she should be! Isn't she beautiful?I am thankful that my grandkids live close by and that they are comfortable around us. Levi likes to sit on my lap, especially when he is tired. Here is Aaron mashing the potatoes. He loves to work in the kitchen.
These are my Mom's lightbread rolls, set to rise. They are truly delicious.This is salad that my Grandma Pat always made for special occasions. It is easy, pretty and tastes good too!Levi playing around in the living room with Nolan's toys. See the helicopter in the background?Milly got to hold Abigail for the first time. She is so sweet around Abby and loves her alot. I think Abby loves Milly too. Krysten holding the sleeping Abigail!Emily and Camille are my neices, they came out from BYU and helped out a lot. They also got to do some awesome shopping while they were here!Christopher, Sean and Owen are thankful for football! Chris rode out from BYU with Emily and Camille. He is a student there also!
We had lots to eat, plenty of folks to love and time off to remember our blessings. We especially missed those of our families who were away from us. Love you guys!

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