Wednesday, July 11, 2012

High Maintenance Women

 It has long been rumored that the Rudd girls are high maintenance women.  My grandmother and her sister would go shopping in Amarillo and walk up and down Polk street for hours window shopping first and then going in the stores.  Grandma Pat would always have her hair and makeup done before going into town.  Once Rebecca and Jean got into her makeup area and played in it and there was not enough left for her to go town to buy more.  My mom had to pick up some for her.
 Isn't Marion cute all ready for the wedding?
 Camille and Emily got all prettied up too!
 Courtney is enjoying her makeover!

Somebody has pretty toes!
 Milly enjoying her first ever professional pedi.  She has been, from day one, a girly girl.  She loves her girl stuff! The more bling the better. We sure know where she gets it.  It comes naturally from being in the family.
 When Jessica got married in June, my sister Elizabeth's friend and hairdresser, Kelly offered the use of her shop and supplies and expertise for the whole female side of the family.  Elizabeth is here taking her up on the offer. She closed the shop for the whole afternoon, wasn't that an awesome gift?
 Emily enjoying the facility.
 The end result for Courtney and Brynna with their dad. Don't they look great?
 Brynna taking advantage of the hair dressing and the cute puppy!
 My sister Rebecca and her daughter Camille, don't they look fab?  Rebecca has always been the ring leader high maintenance girl.  Many hours in front of a mirror and so much time in the fabric shop deciding on material for an easter dress.  Remember the orange linen one with the multi color chiffon sleeves? She had that dress when she was about six.  She is also an experienced shopper, and has shopped many stores around the world!
The star of the day is Jessica and she got the top hair dresser, Kelly to do her up. She was the prettiest bride.
We won't even talk about these beauties! Oh Dear!

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