Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things We've Been Doing This Summer

 The other day I tried to call Owen, it was Friday evening and thought he might be available to talk at the end of his week.  He didn't answer so I thought he might be at a movie or out with friends.  Boy was he out.  He was attending the 3rd Infantry Division Ball in Savanah, GA.  He texted me that he was at the ball and I asked for photos.  This is what he sent.  Isn't he handsome?  The nice girl is his Lieutenant.  Don't know her name.  They worked together in Iraq and she is in leadership over him now.  She is soon to be a Captain. 
 Nolan had 11 yr old Boy Scout camp this month also.  They go up to Elsworth park, which our church owns and is up at the Lookout Mountain area.  It was held on a Friday and Saturday with the Dads staying over the night with them.  He and Jan had a good time.  Nolan got to learn some new stuff, like his Tote-N-Chip, and some orienteering.  Looks like he is having fun!
 Are they starting a fire or looking at bugs?  They do have adult supervision!

 In June we attended Jessica's wedding to Andrew Washer.  They were married in the San Antonio temple.  It was beautiful, the couple are very happy and we had a great time visiting them.  We then went to Del Rio, TX for the reception and had a nice time visiting with the family.  Nolan loved swimming in their pool and the tubing on Lake Amistad. 
 Yesterday our stake had a mini Pioneer trek.  We went out to Byers, CO to a fair ground and they had a 2 1/2 mile trek laid out with stations where each group would stop and have a pioneer story. Nolan is the one in the white t-shirt pulling the handcart.  He told me he pulled the whole way.  I was proud of him.  The weather was hot (over 100 degrees) and at the end of the day they had dinner.  I was in charge of the food for the whole group (over 200 people)  We cooked lots of chili-60 lbs of meat, cut up 15 watermelons, and had bread and pound cake ala Sam's Club.  I still don't have my kitchen cleaned up yet and I didn't even cook it at my house. 
The above photo is of Nolan's group while stopped at a station listening to a pioneer story.  He said he had heard them all already, from the movie 17 Miracles.

 Today we got to attend Aaron and Susanna's ward to see Liam get blessed.  Yes, I am a bad grandma and have no pictures of him in his blessing outfit, but this one will suffice.  Isn't he cute? After church we went to their house for lunch and then later the twins came over to our house for naps. They slept for 2-3 hrs.  Aaron asked if I had conked them on the heads to get them to sleep that long.  They must have been tired.  Levi even fell off the bed and continued to sleep on the floor.  The day was lovely, and we had some good visiting with the whole family on both sides.

Also this weekend Stuart went with his single's brand to Manti, UT to go and see the Manti Pageant.
For lodging they camped out and then attended the free pageant.  You can find out more about it here.  He said the weekend was kind of a bust, I think the biggest problems were that is was very hot, and his girlfriend, Kelsey, wasn't there too.  The first thing he did when he got home
was get in the car and go see her.  They went to a drive-in movie. Snogging anyone?
 This is Kelsey, she is in his single's branch and is from Arizona.  She is a culinary student at Johnson and Wales.  We like her.
 Stuart and Mitchel at the Manti pageant.  Mitchel is an old friend from church/high school and his dad is the single's branch president. 
  The group camping at the pageant in Manti.  Looks like he is having fun to me!

So anyway you can see we have been busy.  Lots more to come too, swimming, gardening, family reunions, camping etc.  Summer is half over already.

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