Monday, July 30, 2012

The Pig

 Well Stuart advertised on his F.B. page that he was now a Polynesian since he has killed a pig for a luau and danced the Haka.  Well this is the story of the pig.  Her name is Jackson, but when they figured out she was a girl, she became Jackie.  Stuart is in a single's branch and the counselor in our Stake is a Tongan.  He and his countrymen have shared many good times with food, and dancing with us and the single's branch was doing a luau.  Stuart's friend Tim was in charge of the pig roast.  So they got busy and got the job done. 
 Pig after being shot.  Quickly and humanely. 
Cleaning the pig!
 Gutting the pig.
President F. blowing  up the lungs, it entertained the guys. 
 Pig ready for roasting in the pit.
After roasting.  This looks pretty delicious to me!

After eating, nothing much left.  It must have been delicious.  While as a mother I am not over the moon about my kids learning to kill another creature, I, as a country girl, understand the facts of life and where our food comes from.  My family needs to learn this too.  All my boys want to learn to hunt but as my husband and father are not big hunters they don't have a big pool of older relatives to learn from.  I am grateful to President F. to at least give Stuart this opportunity to learn.  And not only did he kill it but he had to clean it and eat it too. This knowledge might come in handy some day.   Once this same man, while on a scouting trip to Lake Powell with my kids, caught a big fish in the lake and bit it on the neck to kill it and they had it for supper.  It was Sean's birthday for that trip and he was excited by that experience too.  We love President F.!!!

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