Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things I've Been Working On!

I had gone to the thrift store two different times and seen this lamp.  I really liked it, but it had problems.  I forgot to take a before picture so I will attempt to describe how it looked.  First it had a very big shade that looked like a chinese peasant's hat.  Then the color of the lamp base was a cement  putty color and had been dry brushed with a little green and gold.  The color was very subtle.  Also it had many chips in the plaster all over on it's pointy edges.  But I loved it.  I thought about that lamp and thought about it and finally on my way home from work I went back and decided if it was still there, I would buy it.  Well it was still there and so for $12.95 I bought it.  I also purchased this shade for $3.00 and donated the chinese hat back to the thrift store. Well when I got home I got some LOOKS from my husband, but I took that big, (and I mean big) lamp to the garage and got out the oil rubbed bronze spray paint and gave it a good coat.  The beautiful finial that came on this lamp has gotten lost, so we got a replacement tonight at Home Depot. 

 Today was my day off and I went in search of some Rub-n-Buff.  I had read alot about this in blogland and wanted to try it.  I wanted to create some definition to the fruit and the basket and not have them disappear into the dark.  I got it at Hobby Lobby and it was wonderful.  I put some on with my finger, but then used a cheap brush to get a better coat and do it quickly as this stuff dries fast. I love the lamp's new look!   Stuart got a photo of me with the spray can, while I was working on the mirror you see below.

I got this mirror a while back when I was doing stuff for Abby's nursery.  We didn't use it and so I am going to refurbish it and take it to Texas for our house there.  I gave it a coat of white paint and then brushed it with some dark stain.  I'll post a photo of it in the next few days and let you see how it looks. It is not quite right yet. 

I have some plans for a few other things in the near future that involve some drop cloths, some green paint and some dark walnut stain and a sander.  I also bought some paste wax to give it a try on the dining table and chest of drawers that we have in our Texas house.

This should keep me busy for a while.

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